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  • Adoption (Adoptie)
  • Affinity (Aanverwantschap)
  • Child abduction (Kinderontvoering)
  • Child protection boards (Raad voor de Kinderbescherming)
  • Child welfare (Jeugdzorg)
  • Civil status (Burgerlijke stand)
  • Community of property (Gemeenschap van goederen
  • Contact (Omgang)
  • Discrimination (Discriminatie)
  • Divorce (Echtscheiding)
  • Emancipation of minors (Handlichting)
  • Family life (Familie- en gezinsleven)
  • Foster care (Pleegzorg)
  • Guardianship (Voogdij)
  • Incapacitated adults (Meerderjarigenbescherming)
  • Informal partnership (Informele relaties)
  • Information and cunsultation (Informatie en consultatie)
  • Kinship (Bloedverwantschap)
  • Legal (in)capacity (Handelings(on)bekwaamheid)
  • Maintenance (Alimentatie)
  • Marriage (Huwelijk)
  • Matrimonial property agreements (Huwelijkse voorwaarden)
  • Minors (Minderjarigheid)
  • Nationality (Nationaliteit)
  • Parentage (Afstamming)
  • Parental responsibility (Gezag)
  • Private International Law (Internationaal privaatrecht)
  • Procedural Law (Procesrecht)
  • Registered partnership (Geregistreerd partnerschap)
  • Supervision orders for minors (Ondertoezichtstelling)

About Family & Law

Family & Law

Family & Law is the first online open access forum in the field of Family and Law in Belgium and the Netherlands. The forum is a joint Belgian-Dutch initiative and is sponsored by the Netherlands NWO Incentive Fund Open Access Journals (NWO stimuleringsfonds Open Access-Tijdschriften).

The forum provides a platform for academic articles in the field of the Personal Status, Family and Youth Law. Through this, the exchange of knowledge and debate between theory and practice in Belgium and the Netherlands will be promoted. All contributions published on this forum are open access (free to view, download and print). It is facilitated with the support of Boom Legal Publishers.

Articles and (book) reviews that are published on the Family & Law forum undergo a double blind peer review procedure. The editors, the Board of Advice and the permanent reviewers include leading academics from legal and social science disciplines from Belgium and the Netherlands. Through this, the quality of this new initiative is guaranteed.

Family & Law is included in the Vlaams Academisch Bibliografisch Bestand (VABB).