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Editorial team


Masha Atokolskaia (Prof. dr.), Editor-in-chief

Masha Antokolskaia is professor of Private Law (in particular, Personal Status and Family Law) at the VU University Amsterdam. She is a member of the Commission on European Family Law (CEFL) and a board member of the International Society of Family Law. She is author of a diverse range of monographs and articles written in Dutch, English and Russian. Her main research areas are: European comparative Family Law and Dutch Family Law, with particular regard to the law relating to relationships, parentage and divorce. See here  for more information.

Email address: m.v.antokolskaia@vu.nl


Contact/editorial secretary

Nadia Ismaili (Dr.), Contact/editorial secretary


Email address: n.ismaili@vu.nl



Ingrid Boone (Prof. dr.), editor

Ingrid Boone is an associate professor of Family Law at KU Leuven. She teaches family law courses in the bachelor degree and the master degree. Her research interests are family law, in particular parent-child relations, and tort law. Previously she was a law clerk (référendaire) at the Belgian Supreme Court and a lecturer at Ghent University, where she obtained her doctors degree.

Email address: ingrid.boone@kuleuven.be


Charlotte Declerck (Prof. dr.), editor

Charlotte Declerck is Associate Professor Personal Status, Family and Family Property Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Hasselt. She teaches the third-year bachelor course personal status and cohabitation law and the second-year master course Advanced study of the law of personal status and cohabitation. In 2008, she obtained her doctorate in law from the Catholic University of Leuven.

She is the author of several books and articles on Personal Status, Family and Family Property Law, as well as Intellectual Property Law. She is also a lawyer, initially a member of the Antwerp Bar, but since March 2010 a member of the Brussels Bar.

Email address: Charlotte.declerck@uhasselt.be


Wilbert Kolkman (Prof. mr. dr.), editor

Wilbert Kolkman was appointed full professor of private law and notarial law at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, in 2006. As of 2017, he holds the chair of Legal Science and Family Property Law. His research focuses mainly on the fields of family law, inheritance law and matrimonial property law. Wilbert is joint editor-in-chief of a number of periodicals and of a series on notarial law: Family Law, Estate Settlement, Real Property Law and Company Law. He is author in the Asser-series (Part 1: Family Law) and he is visiting professor of Family Law at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Apart from his work at the University, he has a position as advisor at Elan Notarissen and he is a justice (‘raadsheer-plaatsvervanger’) at the Court of Appeal Arnhem-Leeuwarden.

Kolkman is member of the board of several foundations and associations (e.g. Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Vereniging Familie- en Jeugdrecht) and he takes part in a number of research networks. Occasionally, he lectures lawyers, judges and civil-law notaries in the areas of law mentioned above.


Wendy Schrama, editor

Wendy Schrama is a professor of family law and comparative law at Utrecht University. She is working as a honorary judge at the district court of Noord-Holland. Schrama has a lot of experience: she has been working as a senior empirical and legal researcher the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, as professor of family law at the University of Groningen and as an associate professor at the Free University of Amsterdam. The University of Antwerp appointed her as visiting professor in 2009. Family law, comparative law and empirical legal research are her research interests, including law and policy in relation to marriage and de facto cohabitation.

E-mailadres: w.m.schrama@uu.nl


Gerd Verschelden (Prof. dr.), editor

Gerd Verschelden is a professor of Family Law at Ghent University. He is in charge of a number of courses, ranging from Basic Concepts of Law and Family Law (bachelor courses) to the Advanced study of Family Law and Negotiation and Mediation (master courses). He has a specific interest in the law of parentage and empirical research related to Family Law.

Email address: gerd.verschelden@ugent.be


Leon Verstappen (Prof. dr.), editor

Leon Verstappen is a full professor of civil and notary law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen. Alongside his main job, he is a legal advisor to Hekkelman Lawyers & Notaries in Arnhem and Nijmegen, deputy-judge at The Hague Court of Appeal, member of the board of governors of both the Foundation for Professional Training of Notaries and the Foundation Grotius Academy, board member of the Dutch Association of Comparative Law and member of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation for the Advancement of Notary Science.

In addition to being joint editor-in-chief of a number of periodicals and series concerning civil (notarial) law (WPNR, Journal Family & Law, Practical Manuals for the Notaries, Formats for Law Practice), he is also editor of a series of books published by the Netherlands Institute for Law and Governance. His teaching and research mainly focuses on inheritance law, matrimonial property law and property law, as well as notarial aspects of company law and notary law itself. In the international context, he focuses on land tenure and land governance in his capacity as member of the Steering Committee of the Land Portal (see www.landportal.info), board member of the International Alliance on Land Tenure and Administration (see www.ialtanetwork.org), and member of the European Law Institute.

Email address: l.c.a.verstappen@rug.nl


Evelien van Wijk-Verhagen (Mr. dr.) editor

Evelien van Wijk-Verhagen is a lecturer at the Molengraaff Institute for Private Law of Utrecht University. Her research falls under the ambit of the Utrecht Centre for European Research into Family Law (UCERF). In January 2018, she defended her PhD thesis, entitled ‘Reasonableness and fairness in the law of persons and family law, in particular in matrimonial property law; elixir of flexibility or poison of legal uncertainty’. She is interested in family law (in the widest sense), and in particular, the interface with other areas of law.

Email address: E.M.J.M.C.vanwijk-verhagen@uu.nl


Language Editors

Jacqueline Gray (LL.M.), English Language Editor

Jacqueline Gray studied law at the University of Glasgow (2006-2010) and European law at the Leiden University (2010-2011). Following this, she undertook a four-month internship at the Molengraaff Institute for Private Law and five-month traineeship at the European Parliament in Brussels.

She is now a PhD student at the Molengraaff Institute for Private Law, where she is writing her dissertation on party autonomy in the European private international law relating to family matters and succession.

Email address: J.T.Gray@uu.nl


Charlotte Mol (LL.M.), English Language Editor

Charlotte Mol completed the European Law School bachelor cum laude at the University of Maastricht and the Legal Research Master cum laude at Utrecht University. She is currently writing her PhD on child participation at the Utrecht Centre for European Research into Family Law (UCERF). She assists the Commission on European Family Law (CEFL) in her function as Secretary.

Email address: C.R.Mol@uu.nl


Board of Advice

  • Prof. dr. dr. h.c. mult. Katharina Boele-Woelki (Bucerius Law School);
  • Prof. dr. Dimitri Mortelmans (Universiteit Antwerpen);
  • Prof. em. dr. dr. h.c. Walter Pintens (KU Leuven); en
  • Prof. dr. ir. Tanja van der Lippe (Universiteit Utrecht).


Permanent reviewers

  • Prof. dr. Elisabeth Alofs (Universiteit Antwerpen en Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  • prof. dr. Renate Barbaix (Universiteit Antwerpen)
  • prof. dr. Lieke Coenraad (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Dr. Ian Sumner (Voorts Juridische diensten)
  • dr. Sven Eggermont (Universiteit Antwerpen)
  • dr. Elise Goossens (KU Leuven)
  • dr. Christina Jeppesen De Boer (Universiteit Utrecht)
  • dr. Merel Jonker (Universiteit Utrecht)
  • dr. Thalia Kruger (Universiteit Antwerpen)
  • prof. dr. Frits Salomons (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • dr. Marit Thomassen-Van der Lans (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • prof. dr. Alain Laurent Verbeke (KU Leuven)
  • dr. Machteld Vonk (Universiteit Leiden)
  • dr. Tim Wuyts (Universiteit Gent)


For questions or comments concerning Family & Law, you can email us at familyandlaw@bju.nl, or send an email to one of the members of the Board of Advice. Ideas for articles or comments on our website are always welcome.