Submitting an article

Family & Law uses the Editorial Manager programme in order to ensure the review process functions in a quick and convenient way. If you wish to submit an article, then you first have to register. In order to do this, open a new window via the above link and click on ‘register now’. You will also find (English) instructions for authors and reviewers on this page. After registration, you have to complete a number of steps in order to submit your article. As an author, you can submit four different types of articles:

  1. Artikel (NL)
  2. Article (ENG / FR)
  3. (Boek)bespreking (NL)
  4. (Book) Review (ENG / FR)

Notifications of legislation, case law and literature are written by the editors themselves.

At the time of submission, select the appropriate category of article. You will also be asked to provide a summary of the article in both the original language, and in English. Following this, you can upload your article (in Word) and the system will generate a PDF. This will be the only proof document you will receive. Submitted articles must comply with the authors’ instructions.

In case of problems, please contact us via

With regard to finding reviewers, the editors of Family & Law would like to know if the article has been previously offered to another journal. You can specifiy this at the time of submission. The author retains their copyright. By submitting an article, the author is considered to have agreed with the terms set out in the 'Consent to Publish'.

Authors’ instructions

Submitted articles must comply with the author’s instructions (English Version), which you can access by clicking here.